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1.1 How do you compare with other BI tools and product analytics services?

Kubit is the only Product Analytics platform that runs directly on your cloud data warehouse. Our No-Code integration requires no SDK or batch job and directly use your existing data model with complete transparency and data freedom.
Self-service is what differentiate us from traditional BI solutions like Tableau and Looker. Instead of needing professional analysts to answer every single question, you can explore and get answers quickly all by yourself with Kubit.
When comparing to services like Google Analytics (GA) or Adobe Analytics, we don't require any SDK and won't lock your data in their cloud. You have full control over your data. Beyond the limited marketing-focused reports provided by others, Kubit offers much more in user behavior, product KPIs and customer engagement. You don't need to be an expert to analyze Engagement, Funnel, Retention, Prediction, Effect, and Attribution all by yourself.
Other services mainly focus on queries and data visualization without understanding the data, and they don't think for you. You have to ask all the questions and manually run every query, again and again.

1.2 Why do I need Self-Service?

You can't afford the opportunity cost that comes with sifting through emails, or the process of filing a ticket to get one answer from your data. Instead of training everyone on SQL or some generic data visualization tool, organizations really need a guiding self-service analytics solution that provides rich contexts. That way, everyone can discover insights themselves and communicate efficiently.

1.3 What is No-Code?

It means there is no need for SDK in your app, and no need to write code or send data to others. We talk to your cloud data warehouse directly. The integration process only takes minutes with some configuration changes while you maintain the full control over your own data.

1.4 What do you mean by "product people"?

Anyone who is involved in the building of a product. That includes product managers, developers, analysts, data scientists, designers, product marketers, growth hackers, and anyone else who is part of the decision-making process.

1.5 What if I need in-depth statistical analysis?

Besides the basic statistics like moving average, standard deviation, and Pearson correlations, Kubit provides advanced statistical analysis like Effect, Predication, Correlation, and Diagnostics--all out-of-the-box, in a self-service fashion.
Beyond that, we offer one-click integration with Jupyter on every analysis run through Kubit. All you have to do is start a new notebook in Jupyter and import all of your data in just one mouse click. Best of all, you can–and should–import all of those wonderful Jupyter-generated charts and diagrams into Kubit's Workspace so you can share them with others.

1.6 Will self-service replace our analysts and data scientists?

No. Self-service makes insight discovery easier and faster to free up your analysts and data scientists from tedious, repetitive routine work. So they can focus on deeper analysis and building models. A tool is only as good as the person using it. Kubit can only augment your analytics while you will always need experts to make the final decisions.

Data Solutions

2.1 How will you get our data?

We can access your cloud data warehouse directly. There is no need to install SDK or send data to us. It is as simple as sharing a file. We also cover the computing cost so there is no impact on your SLA.

Alternatively, you can choose to send your data to us through CDP partners like Segment, mParticle or RudderStack.

2.2 How to send events to Kubit through CDP?

If you are using CDP like Segment, mParticle or RudderStack already, all you need to do is enable Kubit Destination in your Segment Workspace. That's it, then all your events will flow into Kubit's data warehouse, effortlessly.

If you don't have done event instrumentation and collection yet, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel. We highly recommend you to use Customer Data Platform (CDP) vendors to decouple your implementations from a certain analytics service provider. This gives you the best flexibility and freedom from any future changes.

2.3 Do you offer on-premise solutions?

Our SaaS platform runs in the cloud with enterprise level security in place. All you need to do is share access to your cloud data warehouse with us. You don't need to invest in engineering and data infrastructure. Our SaaS model also allows us to iterate quickly and provide you with the best experiences.

We use Docker and have no direct dependency on any cloud services. If needed, we offer an on-premise solution that can be deployed into your cloud.

2.4 We have a lot of data. Can you handle it?

Absolutely. We process billions of events every day with our petabyte data warehouse. Our team has decades of experience with large-scale enterprise infrastructure, so you’re in good hands.

2.5 Is my data secure?

Security is our top priority. We are SOC2 compliant and apply the highest security standards to our cloud infrastructure, and we use multi-layer access control and data isolation. Rest assured, your data is safe with us.

2.6 If we send data to Kubit, can I access them directly?

Of course. You are always in control of your data. We also provide innovative ways for teams to directly access all of their data–securely, quickly, and in real time. Talk to our solution architects to learn more.

Subscription & Pricing

3.1 How does subscription to your service work?

We offer annual, flat-rate subscriptions for our service packages.

3.2 How much does your service cost?

Our pricing model is based on the number of Monthly Active Users (your end users). We don't charge by data volume or seats, so your whole team will be able to get the maximum value out of the platform. Save 50% with Kubit.

Please see our Pricing page for details.

3.3 How many users (seats) can we have?

Once your organization has subscribed to Kubit, it is allowed an unlimited number of users (seats). We encourage collaborative decision-making, which is why we welcome everyone on your team, at no extra charge.

3.4 How do you manage users?

We offer seamless integration with all major identifying providers, including Google Apps, Office 365, Active Directory, LDAP, SAML, Okta, and more. You can even use your own custom database.

Subscription & Pricing

4.1 Do you offer a free trial?

Yes. Every customer comes on board through a pilot project to prove our values with their own data. Because of our No-Code integration, we are the only product analytics service that can offer free trial.

For Firebase customers, you can get trial working with your data in BigQuery within hours.

4.2 How do we get started?

We'd love to learn more about you and to share our knowledge and our experiences of building a data-driven culture in your organization. Feel free to contact us anytime by emailing us at You can also schedule a meeting with us here.

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