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Self-Service Optimization with No-ETL Integration

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Trusted by Industry Leaders

Kubit helps these industry leaders take their Product Analytics to the next level.

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Increased Reliability

"Very reliable, it always just worked and no other tool has been able to do that for me."

- Data Scientist

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10/10 Customer Service

“On day one, I knew I was talking to the right people to get things done”

- VP Data Engineering

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Undeniable ROI

“There has not been a product that I have used this long that continues to add this much value”


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Your Past Product Analytics solution doesn’t scale

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Tedious Integration

Messy SDKs or painful ETL jobs that require babysitting.

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Lost Data Control

Third-parties own your precious data. 

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No Transparency 

Blackbox solution processes your data and hides how metrics are computed.

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No Single Source of Truth

Siloed analytics practices make your insights impossible to reconcile.

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Restricted Data Model

No retrospective analysis, no data backfill. 

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Disjointed investigation

No Self-Service, non-exploratory analytics leads to communication gap and delay.

Learn More About our Series A

Kubit is happy to announce that we have raised $18 million in a Series A round led by New York-based global venture capital and private equity firm Insight Partners

TechCrunch: Kubit lands $18M

Get Instant Insights Without Siloed Blackbox 

Kubit’s No-ETL platform works directly with your existing data model and enables Self-Service product analytics to drive engagement and improve retention.

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Self Service

Out-of-the-box ready templates for Query, Funnel, Path, Retention and Cohort analyses. Designed for all product people to explore data and discover instant insights. 

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No-Code Integration

Kubit works directly with your cloud data warehouse without the need for SDK or ETL jobs. We take full advantage of the rich data model you have already built.

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Detect anomalies and find answers quickly through our machine learning based algorithms. Let the machine do the heavy lifting with efficiency and coverage.

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Make data-driven decisions through our simple yet elegant Collaborative Workspace. Visualize and share your whole thought process surrounding data with efficient communication.

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Ironclad Security

Your precious data is in good hands. Kubit is SOC-2 compliant and applies the highest security and privacy standards to our data and cloud infrastructure. 

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Full Control

No more guessing what's happening inside the blackbox. Kubit gives you full control over your data and complete transparency of how every analysis is constructed. 

Self Service

Instant Product Insights Accessible by Your Whole Team.

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Designed for Product People

Explore data and discover insights yourself with guiding tools and rich templates tailored for your business based on best practices.

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Exploratory and Collaborative

No need for complicated training or coding, and no more No more endless emails and tickets to get answers. Conduct your own investigation and make data-driven decisions by collaborating on the insights and thought process.endless emails and tickets.

No-ETL Integration—Simple and Powerful

Kubit’s revolutionary No-Code solution talks to your cloud data warehouse and takes advantage of the existing data model you have already built.

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Simple Integration

No SDK, ETL or batch jobs required.

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One Singe Source of Truth

This process removes the blackbox, leaving you with full control over your Unlimited Data.

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 Complete visibility and control on how analyses are conducted.

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What our customers say

See why these industry leaders are choosing to own their product analytics with Kubit.

"Kubit's Architectural Advantage"

"The existing BI solution doesn’t scale and we simply couldn’t hire data scientists fast enough. Kubit brought instant insights about our users to every product manager, growth marketer and analysts within weeks. More importantly, we didn’t change a thing on our data model. Kubit’s architectural advantage is unparalleled and the level of control and transparency they provide is revolutionary for the data industry."

Pai Liu
Chief Data Officer | Wish
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"Tremendous Growth"

"At Quizlet, we couldn't generate user behavior insights fast enough. I had tried various analytics tools and was turned off by their expensive event-driven pricing models and prolonged integration timelines. When I discovered Kubit  I knew it was exactly what our team needed. The Kubit team worked directly with our existing data and made the integration easy - we didn't even need to backfill data! Kubit has made it so much easier for our product managers and marketers to get insights without analytics support. Our team couldn't be happier!"

Phil Carter
Senior Director of Growth | Quizlet
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"Best Analytics Investment"

"We were using Tableau and I was amazed at how Kubit has made it easier for me to slice and dice the data without getting others involved. Within a month with Kubit, we were able to improve our onboarding flow's Day 1 ROAS by over 30% which paid for the whole year of service many times over. I have been using BI and analytics for nearly twenty years and Kubit is one of the best investments I have ever made in this area!"

Daniel Todd
CEO | Influence Mobile
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